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The above photos are of an otherwise attractive lady in her 50’s, who had had a lot of discolored fillings, some chipping, a previous veneer which no longer matched, and generally stained teeth.  Treatment was eight veneers, which gave her a much more attractive, youthful smile!


The patient above had a congenitally missing tooth and just had her braces removed.  She was pleased with her teeth otherwise, but wanted to have the missing tooth replaced without grinding down healthy teeth for a bridge.  An implant was placed and, as you can see, the replacement looks as natural as the surrounding teeth!


The patient above was a very attractive woman in her 40’s who had had many large discolored fillings, and had worn a temporary removable partial to replace the missing tooth.  She wanted a smile transformation, and also did not want to grind down her existing teeth for a bridge.  An implant, plus veneers in the smile area gave her a beautiful smile she was proud to show off!


The gentleman above had many worn and chipped teeth and did not like the dark yellow color of his teeth.  Veneers and crowns were provided to strengthen his bite and eliminate years of stain!